Website copywriting audit

A budget-friendly quick fix to tune-up your website copy

Embarrassed about the state of your website copy? Not showing off your credibility, capturing leads or making sales but you don’t know why? Perhaps you invested in design and build but not the bit that actually matters. (The bit that tickles your visitors’ brain chemicals and gets them craving more.)

            So now you’re fiddling with your wording but you don’t have a strategy, you’re feeling    stranded and you can’t see the wood for the trees.

Transformational feedback and easy-to-implement tips


Small changes make a big impact. With my professional eyeballs on your site you’ll get tips, techniques and an actionable list of changes to fix immediately. I prioritise the biggest opportunities for improvement and you walk away with the confidence to make things right.


“My website had little traction. Lisa’s copy critique changed that dramatically and inspired me to create a clear pathway for my website visitors. It now communicates my services quickly and effectively and I’m seeing the results in more leads.”

Jacki Starr, Shooting Starr Photography, Melbourne

What you can do with a website copywriting audit

Refer people to your website with pride and confidence
Improve the clarity of your copy and messages
Tweak headlines, calls to action and micro copy
Optimise messaging hierarchy (what goes where)
Reduce buying friction by identifying obstacles
Add persuasive elements (without being pushy)
Boost the perceived value of your offer
Lift leads and sales without the hassle (or price tag) of a complete website rewrite

Here’s how it works

Step 1. Briefing

First we have a briefing call to chat about your goals and concerns. We discuss your brand, offer and value proposition. Plus your ideal client’s needs and what will resonate with them.

Step 2. Messaging & copy review

Next up, I review your copy, with feedback on structure, language and user experience. I send a video and Word doc with easy-to-follow instructions to help you boost clarity, credibility, relevance and conversion.

Step3: Follow up Q&A

We follow up with a 30 minute Q&A for any lingering questions. You walk away with confidence and a detailed action plan to improve your website copy and enjoy more engagement and sales.


Want actionable tips to tune-up your website? Let’s chat.

Lisa went above and beyond in helping me produce the results I was hoping for

Lisa’s invaluable editing prowess was pivotal to progressing my writing journey and went above and beyond in helping me produce the results I was hoping for, providing support to elucidate my sometimes overly complex thought processes and ultimately illuminate the true value I offer to the success and fulfilment of others. It was a real pleasure!

Daniel Bull, Motivational speaker

A cost-effective path to a more productive website

Professional website copywriting can be expensive. But for just $450 you get my expert eyeballs on your home page and walk away with actionable feedback you can DIY straight away. Want more insights and suggestions? Get 3 pages audited for just $1200.

Website copywriting audit FAQ

How long will my website copywriting audit take?
Turnaround time is generally 5-7 working days but I’ll be able to give you firm dates when you book in.
What will I get out of this audit?
You find out what’s working in your current copy, what’s not, why not and what to do about it. Small changes make a big impact. And a website copywriting audit and a plan to move forward will turn your underperforming website a far more effective marketing tool.
Does it include an SEO review?
My standard copywriting audit doesn’t include an SEO review. But this can be added to your project for an extra fee.
What if I want to hire you to rewrite my website copy?
Sometimes this is the best option. After the audit, if it looks look a total rewrite is what you need, I’ll give you a quote and a timeline. Plus you get special pricing discount based on the work that’s already been done.



On a scale of 1 to tacos, how much do you think visitors love your current website copy?

Mediocre copy costs you money, time and the happiness that comes from knowing you’re connecting with the people that care.