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Does your website content reflect your voice and value? Does it connect so well that your customers crave more of what you do? Whatever you want to communicate, great website copywriting elevates your customer’s experience. And it lets you guide them on their buying journey when you’re not there to do it yourself.

The problem is that when your website copy isn’t working for you it works against you. Let’s fix that sorry situation stat. With a clear structure, strong messages and personality-packed copy, your website is creatively engineered for success.


Life is a messy experience. Your website shouldn’t be.


Turning browsers into buyers doesn’t happen by chance. It needs customer insights, a voice that resonates and messaging that makes ‘buy now’ the easy choice. And let’s not forget that first your dream people have to find you. (That SEO copywriting is a fine art in itself!) It’s a pretty tall order but I’ve got the skills and experience to help.


“Lisa helped us with a full company rebrand and focused our copy directly to our target market. She has a lovely professional manner and her patience and persistence to get the copy perfectly suited to our company was absolutely fantastic”
Lisa Carson

Marketing Manager, Fytogreen Australia


My SEO website copywriting has all you need (and nothing you don’t)

Written by me – an experienced copywriter qualified in conversion and SEO
Structured to inspire readers to dig deeper and find out more
Aligned perfectly with your brand voice and value
Finely-tuned through two free rounds of no-quibble amends
Reviewed and proofread by a second professional editor

SEO website copywriting packages

The Early Bird

5 page website

From $3250


Home page
About page
+3 more pages
Plus a fun FREE branded 404 page


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The Feathered Nest

7 page website

From $4200


Home page
About page
+5 more pages
Plus a fun FREE branded 404 page


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The Golden Egg

10 page website

From $5000


Home page
About page
+8 more pages

Plus a fun FREE branded 404 page

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Want more? Less? Something different? Let’s hatch a plan.

Focused, thoughtful and creative. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

‘I must thank Lisa for writing the content of my website. She has been very focused, thoughtful and creative. She did search engine optimisation as well which helps me reach my target audience. Her commitment and punctuality are exemplary. I would not hesitate to recommend her.’

Dr Nishant Gupta

Cataract & Refractive Corneal Surgeon 

SEO Website copywriting FAQ

Do I really need a website?
Are you in business? Then the short answer is ‘Yes’. Without a website, people will question your legitimacy. Plus it’s like having your best salesperson working on steroids 24/7. (And who wouldn’t want that?) The next compelling reason is that a website optimised for search (SEO) will help your target audie
What information do you need to quote?
I can give you a ballpark price with a brief description of your business, audience, project and deadline. (That way you know from the start if my rates fit your budget.) If prices and budget align, we hop on a call and get to know each other. If it feels like we’re a good fit, I send you a quote or proposal explaining how I can help.
What information do you need from me to start the job
I have a briefing questionnaire that prompts you to provide all the info I need. Plus you can brain dump your thoughts in our strategy session. I ask A LOT of questions. So if there’s anything else I need to know before getting started on your web copy, rest assured I’ll seek it out
How long will it take to write my website copy?
It all depends on the size of your project (and the swiftness of your revisions) but I’ll be able to give you an estimated timeline when I know more. In my experience, a 5 page website takes around 3-4 weeks from start to finish.
What does your pricing include?
The price I quote is the price I charge (no one likes ‘those’ kinds of surprises). My fee generally includes a Zoom strategy session, feedback chats, industry and customer research, two rounds of changes and professional proofreading by a second editor.
Can I make changes if I don’t like what you’ve written?
Absolutely. Copywriting is a collaborative and iterative process. So I need your feedback to assure the result you want. My web copywriting project fee includes two rounds of revisions at no extra cost so we can get it absolutely right.
What is SEO copywriting?
SEO copywriting is a balancing act between writing web copy that’s a mighty good read for humans and that search engines love too. To get search engines to rank your website as the best fit for a user’s search query, copy must use the right keywords in the right spots with awesome headings and a good smattering of links.
Can you write website copy that gets me to page one of Google?

Honestly? That’s not something I can guarantee. (And anyone who does is talking rubbish). There are (literally) hundreds of elements that come in to play when it comes to Google ranking. SEO copywriting is just one of them. However, with expert keyword research and optimised copywriting, you stand a much better chance.

Isn’t it cheaper if I write my own website copy?
On the face of it, yes. But bad copy costs you more in the long run. Your time could be better spent in your area of expertise. And if you don’t have copy that’s optimised for search and conversion, you’ll miss out on leads and sales for sure. Hiring an experienced copywriter is an investment. But one that pays off. We take the stress out of it. And add value and save you money in the end.
What style will you write in?
My natural style is what you see here (fairly chatty as it goes). But what matters is the style you want and which resonates with the folk you’re in business to help. I’ve written in all kinds of voices – formal and authoritative, cute and quirky, smart and edgy… Take a look at my portfolio to see what that means in practice



When your online visitors recognise your empathy, credibility and relevance they snaffle up your offers with no stealth tactics required. That’s the value of good copywriting.