Business Writing

Translating business-speak into language your customers will love

When you communicate with a potential or existing customer, choosing the wrong words only spells one – ‘disaster’.

That’s because words are never just words. They’re tools that help you connect. So stop ‘making do’ and start depending on the services of a professional business writer.

Business writing is all about efficiency. It’s about engineering every syllable to perform a specific task. Whether that task is to inform, educate or to create action. Each word within each line within each message must be clear, concise and correct.

So if it’s introductory correspondence or a follow up letter or email, a sales letter or email auto responder series, having a professional writer at your disposal will save you time, legwork and potentially costly mistakes.

Hire a business writer and keep your words meaningful, direct and free from distractions.

We have extended Lisa’s initial engagement writing blog posts to include various marketing initiatives, websites, client correspondence, etc. We have found Lisa easy to work with, very responsive and has the ability to hone in on the key points and content. We continue to use Lisa for our content and communication.

Sean Herman

Director, Mortgage Broker, Professional Partners

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