Manuscript Assessment

You’ve been toiling over your manuscript for months or even years. You’ve finally finished your masterpiece and been through it with a fine-toothed comb. And therein lies the problem…

Because you’re invested in the work, you’re unable to see your own mistakes (it’s a science thing – instead of reading what’s on the page, the brain sees the version that’s already in your head). What’s more, if no-one else has read the work in its entirety, it’s hard for you to know what kind of editing is required. Perhaps the structure is water tight and it needs nothing more than a copy-edit and proofread. Or maybe there are a few holes that need plugging and the structure could do with a few tweaks, in which case a developmental edit (or structural edit) is in order.


Assess your manuscript
Manuscript assessment

A manuscript assessment is a comprehensive read through of your manuscript by a publishing professional. It enables me to properly evaluate the whole piece and tell you the necessary steps to develop it to a publishable standard.

In a manuscript assessment I’m able to:

  • Bring a fresh eye and objective analysis to the work
  • Identify its strengths and weaknesses
  • Comment on your writing style and tone
  • Focus on high-level issues including presentation and structure.

Costs are dependent on manuscript length but start at $275 and the report will be emailed to you one week from submission. It will also include a quote for the recommended level of editing required. Once you have my quote and recommendations, you’ll have all you need to make an informed decision about how to proceed.

As your publishing partner I can assure you a streamlined and stress-free editing process, and a finished book you’ll be proud to call your own. Just look at these testimonials from my happy authors!  

I am so thrilled to have chosen Lisa as the editor for my book Creating Encores. As a first time author I wanted an editor who connected with me, and had the highest level editing and copywriting credentials. Lisa is this, and more. I could not believe that with Lisa’s editing my book was written by me. I feel so proud of it now.I have used Lisa for my website copy too. And will keep using her when I need my thoughts to be converted into exquisite words. Lisa has given me the confidence that my words are meaningful. Thank you Lisa!

Sally Arnold

CEO, Business Coach, Author, Creating Encores

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