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There are more opportunities than ever before to become a published author. But it’s still essential, if you want to do things right, to get your book edited properly. Typos, lack of continuity, factual errors and dodgy spelling will sink your book faster than a North Atlantic iceberg.

What’s more, if you’re not sure if your argument is rigorously developed and ultimately proven, then all your hard work could go straight down the drain. Whether your manuscript needs a read through and light correction or more remedial work, you’ll want to make sure its quality reflects all the effort you’ve put into it – and is worthy of all the effort to come.


A good editor cares about your book – almost as much as you do

What you want in an editor is someone you can trust with your ‘baby’; someone who acts as an advocate of the reader while holding true to your authorship; someone who relentlessly perfects the details whilst taking into account the bigger picture.

For authors hoping to snag a traditional publisher, or who plan to self-publish or go straight to eBook, giving yourself and your manuscript the best chance of success means finding the right editor.

Lisa, I have finally got a breath to acknowledge you and the wonderful editing work you did for me. Thank you so much for your interest, dedication and professionalism whilst dealing with my first ‘book’ baby: ‘Stress Made Easy - Peeling Women Off the Ceiling’. I am so grateful for your expert eye and dedication to keeping it true to my voice but better! I am extremely proud of the end result. I could not have done it without your gentle reminders, suggestions and organisation. I look forward to sending you the next manuscript in the ‘Made Easy’ series for the same excellent attention to detail.

Dr Linda Wilson

Author, Stress Specialist

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