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Attract super loyal fans and engaged communities
(and lighten the load by outsourcing your blog writing)

As an SEO blog copywriter and content planner, I provide blog services to businesses who recognise the benefits of share-worthy content. Here’s what you can get:

  • A marketing copywriter diving into the depths of your business, industry and target market, surfacing triumphant with a treasure trove of topics, titles and types of post – so you can take your pick (akaresearch and brainstorming).
  • A map of your buyer’s journey and needs so you can ensure your content solves all their problems (akaa content plan).
  • Workflow planning so that content production runs like a well-oiled machine (akaan editorial calendar).
  • Increased web traffic, enhanced online reputation, improved leads, super loyal customers, raving fans and engaged communities (akamore sales and a healthier bottom line).


Blogging is about connecting – creating an authentic and engaging brand voice and critical touch points with your customers.

A fresh dose of quality blog content bolsters your website, helping you get found online and giving existing customers a reason to return.

Nurturing your leads this way – with accessible and useful information – is the stuff digital relationships are made of.

With all these benefits, keeping your blog regularly updated should be an essential part of your marketing mix. But it can be a major time zapper.

Don’t have the time or inspiration to research, write and publish regular, high quality blog posts?

Why not let me help you with that?

Worried it won’t sound like ‘you’? Don’t be. My ghost-blogging skills are that good you won’t even realise you didn’t write it:)

Fantastic! I couldn’t have done it on my own. You listened to my needs, were very easy to talk to and clearly took the time to research my industry. Your writing was effective – thorough yet concise. You gave me the direction and a helping hand. You are a star!

Selwyn Becker

Wellness Dynamics

Getting bogged down by your blog? Let me help you with that!

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