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Champion Mentors are on a mission to empower people with disabilities to live the life they want. Their outdated website didn’t reflect their personality, services, beliefs or approach. The brief was to create copy that matched their energy and enthusiasm, and showcased the range of support on offer while building trust in their quality of care.


The Champion Mentors team are delighted with their new website copy which does justice to their offering. In just a few short weeks, the website started attracting both new support workers and participants. (This is, honestly, why I love the work I do!)

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How I helped Champion Mentors grow organic traffic by 286% in just 6 months

Champion Mentors organic traffic increase

The Client

Champion Mentors is an NDIS provider empowering people with disabilities to live the life they want. Their existing website had no clear messaging strategy and their copy wasn’t playing to their strengths.


What they needed

Champion Mentors (CM) approached me in need of strategic messaging and feel-good copy that would clearly communicate what they do and why it matters. They wanted it to be magnetic and packed with personality to draw in not only participants but also attract great talent to their team – and they needed it fast.

CM needed a strong verbal identity to match their new visual identity (shout-out to branding experts The Creative Noise). They needed messages that spoke to the hearts and minds of their target audience. That’s where The Word Nest swooped in.

Champion mentors web copy before
Champion Mentors After website copy 1

What The Word Nest did

First, I chatted with several CM stakeholders and delved into their world. I wanted to crystalise their brand story, personality, vision and values so we could start the project with a strong foundation. Together, we identified their ‘brand DNA’.

By clarifying who we were speaking to, what challenges they faced, and how CM could solve those challenges, I was able to join the dots between audience problems/desires and CM’s solutions/outcomes.

But the real magic happened when I translated all that into a voice that perfectly reflected their brand DNA.

Champion Mentors have a friendly, caring and playful culture and I made sure their verbal identity captured their unique flavour while maintaining a professional edge.

I wanted their audience not only to connect but to feel like they were chatting with an old friend. The kind of friend who always knows the right words to say and makes you feel like you’re the most important person in the room.

So – I crafted copy that told a story, evoked emotion and built trust, focusing on real life impact and inspirational outcomes that make Champion Mentors one of a kind.

What the client thought

“From start to finish, the experience was seamless and professional. Lisa truly understands the art of crafting engaging and persuasive content that captures the essence of your brand.

Lisa’s ability to transform my ideas into captivating copy exceeded my expectations. She has a keen eye for detail and a knack for choosing the right words to convey the desired message effectively. Not only did she showcase my products and services in an enticing manner, but they also perfectly captured the tone and voice I envisioned for our brand.

Working with Lisa was a collaborative experience, as she took the time to understand our business objectives and target audience. Her dedication and commitment to delivering high-quality work were evident throughout the entire process. She was open to feedback and made revisions promptly, ensuring that the final copy was flawless.”

Christopher Dean, National Operations Manager

NDIS copywriting 1
NDIS careers copywriting

The Results

The results of my work were clear: Since the new website went live, Champion Mentors have enjoyed higher search engine ranking with more traffic and enquiries from both new participants and support staff eager to join their team.

Champion Mentors now have a brand voice that accurately reflects who they are as a company which has improved credibility, cohesion and improved their website conversion rates.

 “The impact of her work was evident almost immediately. Since implementing the new copy on our website, I have seen a significant increase in traffic and engagement.

I wholeheartedly recommend Lisa to anyone in need of outstanding copywriting services. Her professionalism, creativity, and ability to deliver results make her a standout choice. If you’re looking for a copywriter who can truly elevate your brand’s messaging and online presence, look no further than Lisa and The Word Nest. You won’t be disappointed!

Christopher Dean, National Operations Manager, Champion Mentors