Fed up of stock images? Here’s how to make eye-catching social graphics in 30 seconds

Fed up of stock images - Pablo

I may be a woman of words but I can’t argue with the facts. When it comes to social media, images are 94% more likely to attract viewership than pure text-based content and 40 times more likely to be shared.

I’ve been using Canva to make my graphics and it’s incredibly versatile. The problem is, I’ve wasted way too many hours searching for exactly the right typeface, font size, layout, text colour and background to add that extra sparkle to my posts. But no more time wasting for me.

Buffer recently rolled out Pablo, (yes as in Picasso), to enable even the most design-challenged business owner to enhance content with their own visuals. This ridiculously simple social graphics software offers a selection of stock background images or invites you to upload your own. There are two text fields with interchangeable fonts and sizes. And though it doesn’t leave much room for experimentation, that’s exactly what makes it so practical for faffers like me!

If you’re not in the inspirational quote business – don’t worry – this is a handy tool whatever your product or service may be. Use it for product shots, events, invites, stats and facts or to showcase a great testimonial.

Try it out here and make your social media and blog posts more enticing to your followers. Its free and you don’t have to be a Buffer member to use it.

Let me know how you go!