Recently a client asked me for help with wording his website email opt-in form.

This got me thinking “What will encourage visitors to subscribe to his list?”

He wanted their permission to send them updates on his products. But is the promise of product updates enough to get them to part with their personals? Convincing people to subscribe and removing barriers to them doing so is critical if you want to build yourself a list of raving fans.

What will inspire them to join your list when their inboxes are already crammed full to the brim?

The answer is VALUE.

You must give your visitors a compelling reason to opt-in to your list. (You must also reassure them that you value their privacy). A low-value item, membership to your community or an information product will usually do the trick.

Let’s assume you’re an expert in your field and your visitor is not. Why not compile an ebook, checklist or report featuring “10 Top Tips” or “Little Known Secrets Of…” It’ll show your visitors that you value their patronage and we all know that giving is the best way to receive.

Be consistent and manage expectations

After the sign-up your audience expects consistency. Make sure their expectations match what you plan to deliver. Develop a voice that shines through your subject lines. Stick to your schedule and become part of their routine. Every once in a while ask for their feedback. As with any relationship, it’s a two-way thing!

Though product updates are fine, always ensure you add value by not just presenting product features. Paint a picture of how each new product will benefit the user – this is how you show the ‘value’.

Here’s an example of a product update with a dollop of extra value on top

Pool water looking green and icky? Did you know there are 3 common types of algae that can affect your pool and 3 different ways of getting rid of it? This article will help you diagnose which kind you have and which of our new range of products will help you get rid of it.

Here you’re not just selling the product – you’re giving value to your audience with useful information and by helping them out with a common problem.

Creating a list is about building trust – it’s a slow burn not a hard sell

Remember, making your subscribers feel comfortable and giving them a positive experience of your brand is what having a list is all about – not the hard-sell.  Build loyalty and trust by speaking to them throughout every stage of the buying cycle and you’ll soon be their top pick when it comes to the decision to buy.