Your copywriting FAQ answered

It’s good to ask questions when you’re hiring a freelance copywriter


What exactly does a copywriter do?

A copywriter helps you find meaningful words to motivate and inspire your customers so you can build relationships and help them make good decisions. A good copywriter can trigger any emotion, generate any thought and prompt any action. If you’re serious about growing your business, a good copywriter will help.


What benefits can I expect from working with a copywriter?

A copywriter ensures your copy is clear, succinct and easy to read in a voice that fits your brand. We write to fulfil an objective (not just fill a space). This might be to build authority and trust, or encourage readers to join, book, sign up, donate or buy. Hire a freelance copywriter and you gain a valuable team member who fills an important skills gap in your business. They lift a weight from your shoulders and allow you to get back to what you do best.


Will I need to pay upfront?

To fix your project in my schedule, I ask you for a 50% commencement fee. The balance of        payment is requested after your first draft has been sent. For projects less than $1000, I ask for 100% upfront before work can begin.


Do you offer discounts for product bundles or retainer agreements?

Yes, happy to discuss discounts in certain cases. Let’s chat!


Do you offer other creative services?

I work with a host of other experts (think digital marketers, web developers, graphic designers, social media managers, photographers and more). If you need good people, take a look at my Resources page or contact me and I’ll hook you up.


How soon can we get started?

I’m usually booked up a few weeks in advance so it’s a good idea to get in early. Depending on my schedule and your project’s scope, you may be able to jump the queue but there are no guarantees.


I’d like to find out more…

That’s great! It’s simple. Get in touch via my Contact form or email me at with some project details. This should include what it is, who it’s for and when it’s needed. I’ll get straight back to you with a ballpark figure or a few more questions. No messing around.

“Lisa is a true superstar. Her excellent communication skills, eye for detail and keen interest in helping her clients succeed makes her a joy to work with.”

Dr Abbas Din

Director & Principal Osteopath, Doctors of Osteo, Melbourne



No-one wants to take a risk when hiring an ‘outsider’. If you have lingering questions, I’ll give you the answers and peace of mind.