Email copywriting services

Create connections with emails that feel like a conversation (then sit back and let the leads come to you).

Let’s be honest. Most marketing emails are about as welcome as a short hair in a bar of soap. They’re badly timed, badly written or they just don’t sound like they’re coming from a real live human (one who’s genuinely trying to help).

You’re fresh out of ideas (and time) to write great emails but you know they have the power to make us instantly connect with a product, service or person. You know that 50 characters are all that stand between your email and the digital trash bin. But that however good the subject line, your emails will fall flat if reading them turns out to be a bit waste of time.

Well-crafted, customer-focused emails that land right in the sweet spot


When you spoil your subscribers with helpful stuff, show just how well you’ll support them, and send well-timed sales offers? They get snapped up with no need for the hard sell. So you can sit back and savour better open-rates, more click-throughs and let the leads (and loyal customers) come to you.


“Lisa wrote an email nurturing sequence that’s generated more leads than I’ve ever had before. All without lifting a finger! I’ve always struggled to write automated emails that sound genuinely personal (not like a robot) but now I don’t have to worry. Lisa’s done it all.”

Dyan Ostrow, Yoga & Meditation Coach, Melbourne

Get all this goodness with my email copywriting services

A new favourite way to market to your subscribers
Strategy, messages and tone that align with your brand
Deeper connections at every stage of the customer journey
Automated email flows that have a direct impact on business growth
Breathing space to work on other areas of your business
A growing email list and more consistent sales

Send irresistible emails that nurture, engage and sell

Welcome emails

Pave the way to strong relationships with the personal touch (and no sales pitch)

Brand story emails

Create an emotional response using your brand story to show your skills and reputation

Targeted email campaigns

Reach customers with the right message at the right time without creating inbox fatigue

Lead nurturing emails

Guide customers through the sales cycle with a timely automated email series

Regular eNewsletters

Build brand awareness, educate new prospects and nurture existing customers

Transactional emails

Thank, confirm and update customers with emails triggered by a specific action

Want to send irresistible emails? Let’s hatch a plan.

Lisa took me from a place of overwhelm. I’m very proud of the result.

“Lisa took me from a place of overwhelm by creating an automated system for my emails – a huge relief which brought productivity and clarity. I absolutely recommend Lisa to anyone who wants a copywriter to translate their thoughts into email copy that resonates with their target audience. She has an incredible vocabulary and understanding of copy not being ‘salesy’ but rather a story unfolding. It was a great collaboration and I’m very proud of the result.”

Simmi Reitberger, Health Coach & Aromatherapist, Melbourne

Want subscribers craving your words and snapping up your offers? How much is that worth to you?



Without a doubt, email is still the best way to engage with your customers. To get them saying, ‘I’m so happy I found you,’ and decide to take the plunge. Prices start at $1200 for a 3-part email sequence you can send on autopilot (so you can stop wishing and hoping and let the leads come to you.)

Email Copywriting FAQ

I have a teeny-tiny email list. Should I still invest in email copywriting?
However small (or non-existent) your email list, email marketing is a tried-and-true avenue for business growth. It wins you business with less effort through its unmatched power to build brand awareness and genuine relationships ­– the lifeblood of any brand.
Why can't I just write my own emails?
You might be doing just fine with your DIY email marketing – but isn’t there always room to improve? A professional email copywriter can do more with less and has the strategic insights and word power to bring you better open rates, more click-throughs and fewer unsubscribes.
Do you send my emails for me?
No. I don’t load my copy into your email software. But marketing automation is important if you want to send the right content to the right people at the right time. And I can certainly point you in the right direction.
I don't know anything about email marketing. Can you help?
Absolutely. If you’re not sure where to start with your email marketing strategy, I can help with concept and content planning and development, and segmentation criteria too. This way you know your emails are timely, interesting, relevant and valuable whatever the type, goal or audience.



Readers won’t stand for boredom for even a second. Well-planned, well-written emails will spark differentiation, better conversation and less perspiration by you!