Brand Voice & Messaging Playbook

Sing a song that resonates. Grow a business people love.

Your business is only as good as the way you communicate it. You may have the best products or services in town. But if you can’t transmit that effectively, will your audience feel compelled to choose you?

Now imagine having a clear-cut vocabulary. And a bank of core messages you can plug in and play. A brand copywriter gives you a voice, tone and narrative framework. So you no longer break a sweat when writing content. And you feel so clear about the way you ‘talk’ all other things fall into place.

Make your brand copywriting a breeze


Let’s get you singing from the same song sheet. With a Brand Voice & Messaging Playbook each interaction with your audience is consistent, relevant and sounds just like you. With a cohesive voice and message, your content builds your reputation. Clients grow to know, like and trust you. They come to rely on you to deliver what they expect.



"We engaged Lisa to write copy for our website and product packaging. She was a pleasure to work with, measured in her approach, honest and thorough. Lisa provided us with invaluable advice and support throughout the process. She has a natural talent with words enabling us to effectively articulate the key messages and provide a fun and engaging voice for our brand. Thank you so much for an amazing job!"

Claudia Marks, CEO, Zero Bites 


What you get with a Brand Voice & Messaging Playbook

Your brand personality, tone of voice and key messages in one easy-to-reference location
Confidence to communicate across all your marketing channels
Deeper connections at every stage of the customer journey
A better customer experience that leads to long lasting loyalty
A growing fan base and more consistent sales

Perfect your pitch and always strike the right note

Who you are

Brand Identity

Do you know ‘who’ your brand is and why clients should care?


Whether it’s for a business or personal brand, we document your personality, values and positioning. So you can play to your strengths, keep your writing focused and in harmony with the tune your customers want to hear.


What you say

Brand Messaging

Are you sending murky messages? Do people struggle to pinpoint what you do or sell?


We develop a series of core messages that people easily understand and associate with you. And since repetition builds reputation, you start attracting clients with no need for the chase or hard sell.


How you say it

Brand Voice

Are you tuned-in with your writing? Or do you hit some bum notes?


Your style, tone and word choices strongly influence perception. Let’s create the exact vibe you want. We define how your language sounds in all the details. So your words always beat with the heart of your brand.


Want clarity around who you are, what you say and how to say it? Let’s chat.

The end results have the perfect voice and tone

“I had a super experience with Lisa. She understood the brief, she was speedy, and the end results have the perfect voice and tone. Her SEO knowledge was also extremely useful for a dummy like me!”

Fran Portet 
- Founder, It Takes a Village

A cost-effective solution that strengthens your brand

Marketing is expensive. But with murky messages and off-key delivery you’re throwing your money away. Whether you’re starting from scratch or refreshing an existing brand, your Brand Voice & Key Message Playbook helps you inject your own unmistakable flavour into your copywriting. Prices start at just $2900. And you’ll get a tasty discount when packaged with other copywriting bits and bobs.

Brand Voice & Key Message Playbook FAQ

What information do you need from me to start the job?

My briefing questionnaire prompts you to provide all the info I need. Plus we go deep into your brand personality, voice and tone in our strategy session. I ask A LOT of questions. So if there’s anything else I need to know before getting started on your Playbook, rest assured I’ll seek it out.

My brand currently has the personality of a paper bag. Can you help?
Many people worry they don’t know their brand’s personality. But it just takes the right line of questioning to figure it out. I ask a LOT of questions to get you thinking in the right direction. Together we work out who your brand was born to be.
After going through this process, what results will I see?
Consistency is the key to building relationships. A brand that continues to meet expectations grows customer loyalty. (And customer loyalty means more sales.) Importantly, once we’ve defined your brand characteristics, anyone who writes for you will find it easy to do so without losing their cool.
What exactly is included in my Playbook?

Your 30 page document explains how your brand personality comes across as you interact across the marketing ecosystem. Tips and explanations of the rationale behind certain ways of writing help you understand the nuances of words and phrases. We can also define your ideal customer and what drives them to buy – an essential exercise for any evolving brand.

  • Voice guidelines
  • What we say and what we wouldn’t
  • Brand principles and personality
  • Positioning statement
  • Customer avatars
  • Unique selling proposition and more…



Off-key copy makes your readers feel unsettled. Rapport and trust are built with harmony and a nice steady beat.