Boost your conversion rates with a realistic call-to-action

(And don’t ask for too much too soon!)

I was proofreading a client’s newly launched website today when I saw that the web designer had included a bright and shiny BUY NOW button.


Coming on too strong in your call-to-action?

WOAH! Hold off there a minute buddy!

Now, I’m fully aware of what a fabulous service this client offers, but even I was turned off by this full-on approach. Talk about coming on strong!

I wrote the copy for this website, including the all-important call-to-action (CTA) button and I’m quite sure I didn’t write BUY NOW.

You see, BUY NOW is all well and good in the right environment (like a detailed product-level page). However, the consultative service offered by my client is high-value and as a high-level product page, it requires a ‘soft’ CTA. (Prospects are sure to do some tire kicking before making a commitment to buy into the program).

I had suggested the CTA should be FIND OUT MORE... or even, LET’S SEE IF WE’RE A GOOD FIT… . Both these are far less intimidating than the brazen BUY NOW. And both these options work to reduce the commitment factor by prompting prospects to take a baby step rather than asking them to jump right in with both feet and a credit card.

There’s a built-in natural resistance to taking the next step in the buying cycle, especially online.

Your CTA must minimise friction and reduce risk.

The lesson? CTAs are a critical element of microcopy. By all means guide your prospect towards the next step. Just don’t ask for marriage on the first date.

Til next time,

Lisa at The Word Nest