How I Work

It’s true – the creative process is hard to define.

But my copywriting process is a well-honed system that ensures you the best strategy for your copywriting.

And the best results.


Step 1: Your enquiry

Get in touch via my Contact form or email me at  
Include a brief description of your business, project and deadline so I can get back to you with a ballpark price. That way you’ll know from the start if my rates fit your budget.


Step 2: Project proposal

Assuming price and budget align, let’s hop on a call and get to know each other. If it feels like we’re a good fit, I’ll send you a quote or proposal explaining how I can help get you from where you are now to where you want to be. 

Step 3: Agreement and first invoice

Happy with my quote? That’s great! I’ll send a commencement invoice (50% of quoted total fee), and your bank deposit or credit card payment will secure your spot in my schedule.

Step 4: Discovery and strategy

I’ll send you a discovery document that digs deep into your business, voice, audience and goals. If you’re not clear on it all don’t worry. We’ll talk through anything you’re unsure of in our Zoom strategy session.

Step 5: Research and development

I’ll research your industry, competitors and SEO keywords (if required). I’ll also get the skinny on your target customers. This is KEY. They’re the ones we’re connecting with, right?


Step 6: Drafts and edits

Next, I’ll get scribbling, sending your first draft by the date agreed. It’s a collaboration. So I’ll revise the copy as per your feedback. And if your second draft isn’t perfect (it often is), you have another opportunity to tweak things at no extra cost.

Step 7: Final draft and sign off

Your final draft will incorporate your comments plus all the finishing touches. I’ll have my proofreader check for typos so that when you sign off on the copy, you’ll know it’s 100% good to go.

Step 8: Step away from the screen and celebrate

When you strike ‘Get web content’ off your list of things to do, you’re one HUGE step closer to bringing your website vision to life. And that smile on your face gives me great joy:)

Think I might be the right copywriter for you?

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