How I Work

It’s true – the creative process is hard to define.

But my copywriting process is a well-honed system that ensures you the best strategy for your copywriting.

And the best results.


I ask questions - client liason

After your enquiry, I’ll send you a short form with a few questions to gain the info I need to provide you with a quote and/or proposal.

If you’re happy with my proposal and it seems like we’re a good fit, then hoorah! You can tick ‘Find copywriter’ off your To Do list and I’ll shoot you an invoice for 50%. Next I’ll send you a discovery questionnaire. Your answers will help me understand where you are with your biz and we’ll dive even deeper on our Zoom briefing.

I understand you – competitive, market and customer research

Before I start writing, I spend some time getting to know your industry. These days I like to focus on helping those who help people and the planet, but whatever biz you’re in, chances are I’ve worked with similar before. (Concerned that I haven’t written in your industry? Don’t be. Find out how copywriters write about unfamiliar topics in this blog post.)

I look to see what your competitors are saying (and work out how you can say it better). I find out where your customers are and stalk them (nothing sinister here I promise). The more I know about their problems, the better I can satisfy their curiosity and sell them your solution.

I’m responsive – timing and rush jobs

If timeline’s are tight, I can work fast though an urgent copywriting rush job will attract an extra fee. No deadline? That’s wonderful. Your copy (and your copywriter) will benefit from the breathing space. But it’s nice to keep up momentum. So your swift cooperation when it comes to feedback would be great.

I’m thorough – copywriting, editing and revisions

After we discuss your brand voice and the best writing style for the project, I’ll send you a copywritten section so you can tell me if I’ve got the right tone and I’m on the right track.

Give me the green light and I press on: sculpting words that capture the essence of your brand; selecting the right ones to trigger the required response. I send you the completed job for your approval and, hopefully, your praise.

Need to tweak it? That’s just fine. Included in the price are 2 rounds of revisions, just to ensure that you’re 100% happy with your finished copy. Copy is sent in Microsoft Word and your comments and revisions are welcome via its Track Changes facility.

I don’t cost the earth – fees & invoicing

Compared to agencies and many Melbourne freelance copywriters, you’ll find my fees very competitive – although I’m not the cheapest copywriter in town. (But you know what they say about peanuts and monkeys.)

Because each copywriting job is unique, quotes are given on a job-by-job basis taking factors into account such as size, scope and timing. What I quote is what I charge – so you don’t have to worry about hidden costs. Unless, of course, the job changes as we go. Scope-creep requires a re-quote.

Your deposit of 50% assures the job in my schedule (although you’ll have to wait a little while for an available start date). After you get the 1st draft, I’ll send you my invoice for the balance and payment is due within 7 days. Late payment may incur a fee so we’ll all be happier if you pay on time.

I’ll give you more – Marketing DIY tips

Some freelance copywriters keep their tricks up their sleeve. I like to share. You can find me on Facebook and LinkedIn. And while you’re here, why not check out my blog.

I know that marketing, especially internet marketing and social media marketing, can be overwhelming for many business owners. I don’t believe that bombarding you with information is the best way to help boost your business.

That’s why I carefully curate news, information, tips and tricks that I think you’ll benefit from. These come from a wide range of reputable sources such as Moz, Copyblogger, Mashable, and The Clever Copywriting School. (My inbox gets crammed so that yours doesn’t have to). When relevant, I also share my thoughts and experiences as a Melbourne freelance copywriter.

I’m easy to work with

I’m not one to blow my own trumpet but I do have clients who sing my praises. Take a look at my testimonials.

I love language and I loathe cookie-cutter copy

Your brand personality may be chic & sassy, wholesome & down-to-earth, outdoorsy & tough or something in between. Your project may be a website, email campaign, brochure, tagline or anything you can’t find the right words for. Rest assured, whatever the content, context and goal, I’ll find the best way to say it and you’ll reap the benefits with an audience that’s delighted and engaged.

Think I might be the right copywriter for you?

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