Cheers to the story you’ve written so far.
Now put down that Thesaurus.

I’m on it.

You’re excited to get marketing. But busy with a million things to do.

Sure you can put one word in front of the other. But deep down you know spontaneous doing and dabbling is not the way to get results…


What you need is an experienced copywriter to guide you smoothly through your writing challenges. Give you valuable support and the results you need with a process that’s stress-free.

Whether you’re staring down a blank page or you’ve got so many words you’ve gone cross-eyed, I’ll write from scratch or expertly edit to create hard-working copy that makes your ideal customer stop, think and smile.

“Lisa was amazing to work with right from the start. She listened intently and understood our end goals. The copy she created accurately fitted the brief and was aligned to our target audience. I’d highly recommend Lisa to anyone looking for an experienced and supportive copywriter.”

Lauren Frederiks

Brand Designer, The Tiny Building Co

Why work with me?


A creative marketing partner who asks the right questions

Skills and processes to get your job done right
SEO and ethical conversion tactics
A faff-free outsourcing experience
Fixed project prices for no surprises

Want more reasons?

If you want creative copy with punch and sass…
I worked for J.Walter Thompson, London – yes, a big fat ad agency with accounts like KitKat, Canon and Kleenex. So I know a bit about working with big brands, tight deadlines and multiple stakeholders.
If you want marketing smarts…

I was Marketing Manager at Pan Macmillan Books UK promoting thousands of non-fiction titles over several years. Tapping into different buyers’ needs with empathy was my jam.

If you want media insight and precision editing…
I worked at News International, London so I know a good news story when I see one. Plus I can edit your copy until it’s razor sharp and spot a typo at 50 paces.
If you want content that compels action…

I wrote for mega coaches Jeff Slayter and Kane Minkus of Industry Rockstar; Silicon Valley dudes who shared the stage with Richard Branson and Tony Robbins. (I like to think it was my direct response copywriting that really got their ball rolling.)

If you want a digital marketer who knows SEO and ethical conversion tactics…

I’m an Ambassador at The Clever Copywriting School, a graduate of The Recipe for SEO Success, Copyhackers and a Digital Masterchef. So when it comes to prompting conversion and helping you win more Google love, I’m all over it. No keyword stuffing or shifty techniques. Just honest-to-goodness proven tactics that get more eyeballs on your stuff.

If you want a quick study…
I inhale information and understand it rapidly. So, whatever your business, I’ll get under the bonnet and have a good rummage. Versatility is my middle name. (It’s not. It’s Claire, but you know what I mean. I can vibe with your tribe. I’m a copy chameleon.)
If you want a supportive wordy wing-woman on speed dial...

My clients say I’m an invaluable resource and they generally come back for more. If you want to do some light stalking, come find me on Facebook. Or, if you like things a bit more formal, connect with me on LinkedIn. (Don’t be shy. This business thing’s about relationships.)

“Lisa was fun and easy to work with. She was quick to clarify the brief and handled the legal and compliance requirements with skill – which made my life easier. She was able to take topics which are often intricate and complicated and craft articles which were engaging and easy to read for our audience.”

Will Cudlipp

Content and Social Marketing Specialist, iSelect



On the face of it my job is writing stonking great copy. But what I’m really about is delivering clarity, connection and relief.