4 reasons why blogging is like housework (and also why it’s not)


As I was cleaning the bathroom today, it struck me that blogging is a bit like housework. You know it needs to be done, but you don’t like doing it. Am I right?

Blogging may seem to you like housework does to me –  mundane drudgery that needs to be accomplished as quickly as possible (or avoided at all costs). But if you want to impress visitors, a regularly updated blog is like a clean and tidy home. Here’s what I mean.

1) The thankless task

Just like the upkeep of a house, your blog will require a lot of work. When you don’t get a single comment on the post you spent the best part of a day on, you might feel like giving up – especially when you remember that cat meme on Facebook got 10,000 likes in less than a minute.

With blogging, the hard work really does pay off

The truth is, blogging may seem like a short-term pain, but you’re doing it for longterm gain. The pay off’s when the visitor who’s been reading your ramblings, trying your tips and actioning your advice decides it’s time to contact you. (Blogging also improves your search engine rankings – so even if no one’s reading, rest assured that Google’s taking note.)

Challenge vs Overwhelm

2) The dreaded challenge

I’m filled with dread every time I lift the toilet seat because my boys are so averse to flushing. Is that how you feel facing a blank page and a blinking cursor? You may be worried about your writing abilities or fearful of disapproval or inadequacy. Putting yourself out there can be quite the emotional rollercoaster.

With blogging, it really does get easier

Blogging gets easier the more you do it. Sharing your knowledge and getting feedback will give you confidence to write more freely and with greater enthusiasm. When I asked Sally, one of my clients, about her biggest blogging challenge, she said, “When I plucked up the courage to write from myself and just do it, stuff came together.” The key is to trust your own voice, own your own story and go for it.

3) The sheer overwhelm

If your house is anything like mine, there are many areas that need attention. There will always be a ball rolling around somewhere (usually several), laundry to put away, and crumbs in the cutlery drawer (just why?). But blogging, like housework, doesn’t have to be done all in one go. Nor does it have to be perfect. (Put yourself under this kind of pressure and you’ll never publish anything.) Yes, posts should always add value to your reader’s lives (this is the only way to get their longterm buy in) – but they don’t have to be your magnum opus. Remember, progress is good – paralysis is bad.

Develop focus – a picture of your target audience, a content plan, a manageable writing routine

Think of your target customer. Think of his buying needs and questions as he travels along on his buying journey. This will give you ideas for useful content. Plan out an editorial calendar based on these ideas so you’re not scratching your head each week – and giving you the opportunity to get ahead of your schedule. (Wouldn’t it be great if you could do this with cleaning?). Break your blog writing into brain-dumping, editing and editing again if you must. You’ll speed up as you develop your writing style.

4) The responsibility I didn’t sign up forBlogging pays off

When I moved out of home, housework was not something I was ready for. When I remember my shared house at Uni, I honestly shudder and itch at the thought. If you’re running a small business, promotion is all up to you. You might not like it but you can’t avoid it. If you’re looking for a no-cost opportunity to build leads – blogging is a great way to go.

Push through the pain barrier, focus on the goal

I’m never going to be a domestic goddess but I do love a clean house. Focusing on the results is what drives me on. For you, the result you want is to be a trusted source when your reader reaches decision time. Sharing interesting articles and discussing trends in your industry will make you top of mind. Focus on that goal.

Remember, blogging is a responsibility you can’t neglect – to nurture those leads don’t let the dust settle or it will be that much harder to win them back. Little and often is the way to go.

keep your blog freshDusty and neglected vs sparkling fresh? No contest.

If you’re still unsure about the value of a business blog, look around at your competitors. If they’re blogging and you’re not, then they’re busy developing relationships with YOUR prospective customers – and you’re going to have to work at it to catch up.

So don’t be dusty. Capture interest and show your prospects you’re a healthy, thriving business.

While with housework, your sense of satisfaction is usually shattered the moment a male human walks in the door, luckily, when it comes to blogging, the rewards aren’t anywhere near so fleeting.


(Want to hire a cleaner? Sorry, I can’t help. A copywriter who can help you with content planning and blog posts? Let’s chat.)