You bring great value to the table. Let’s make sure your words do too.


It’s time to get copywriting that builds your credibility, engages your customers and motivates them to buy (making sure they feel *good* about doing it).


Set your business soaring.
Give your copy wings!


Searching for the right words to make your message memorable?

You’re helping others do and feel better. You’re making a difference and doing great work. You want to communicate that and get people keen to do business with you. But damn, it’s hard to explain all those wonderful things you do. And as a busy marketer or business owner, you only have so much time.

I’m a copywriter based in Melbourne. But wherever you are, I’ll unscramble your thoughts and create messages that reflect your real voice and value. So you can put your brilliant brand out there with clarity, personality and get your dream clients to fall in love.

Let’s work together so you get the clarity and results you need 

SEO website copywriting 

Let’s show visitors your value and connect with confidence

Email copywriting 

Let’s seduce your subscribers with genuinely helpful stuff 

Brand copywriting

Let’s nail your voice and message so you can sing it from the rooftops

This is how we do it


You tell me about your business and copywriting project and what you want to achieve.


I give you the details about how I can help including investment and everything involved.


We have a briefing and strategy session. I dig into the research. Then I hit the keyboard.


You get copy that gives your readers instant clarity and a memorable experience, and gives you more leads and sales.

Meet Lisa, your Melbourne freelance copywriter

I work with feel-good brands, marketers and business-owners who are invested in their communities not just their profit. Companies with a conscience who need a copywriter they can rely on. Someone friendly and responsive with a track record they can trust… 

Lisa Cropman copywriter

"Lisa is a talented wordsmith who can turn her hand to anything and her carefully crafted words do the trick every time. If you need copy to perfectly position you or a client’s business and positively impact success, Lisa is the one. She not only delivers great results, but with intelligence, consideration and humour, she makes it enjoyable every step of the way."

Roch Serry, Think Hatch Marketing, Melbourne

Why choose me as your copywriting partner? 

You get:

  • A strong brand voice (and the confidence to use it)
  • Clear and powerful messages that speak to your ideal customer
  • Human-to-human words that feel effortlessly persuasive but never pushy
  • Structure (without which you’ll be crushed under the weight of endless possibilities)
  • A partner who’s onboard with your mission and genuinely cares about helping you achieve it

So you 

  • Feel confident in your brand and marketing
  • Easily attract your dream customers and clients
  • Avoid wasting time, energy and money on ineffective content
  • Free up more time to focus on the things that you do best
  • Enjoy success and make a bigger impact

Trusted by topflight business owners and marketers


"Lisa is a fabulous writer and captures everything I need. She’s helped me through many writing block moments and helped me grow my brand and business as a result. Lisa will give your words wings!”

Amanda McGill, Paediatric Sleep & Lactation Consultant, Melbourne

I recently set these businesses soaring – I gave their copy wings!

If you’re nodding as you read this, it’s meant to be…

  • You cringe when sending people to your website
  • You want to be visible and valuable with email but you’re not sure how
  • You don’t know what to write or how to capture your values, style and quirks
  • You’ve reached a point of confusion and now you’re going round in circles
  • Your content’s not attracting leads or converting and you don’t know why
  • You want to help and inspire customers with a memorable experience
  • You’re overwhelmed with tasks and could do with some outsourced help
  • You want a painless writing process and on-time on-budget copy that delivers on goals


There aren’t a whole lot of things that are certain in this world. But that one? You can take to the bank.