Who I Am

Welcome to The Word Nest – home of my Melbourne-based copywriting business.

“Lisa Cropman – copywriter, editor, chocolate lover – turns jumbled words into powerful messages.”

That’s the official bio. You want more?

If my own website copy, testimonials and portfolio aren’t enough to convince you to contact me, here are few personal things you might like to know.

I’ve got:

  • Credentials: BA Hons Degree in English & Media Studies (University of Birmingham, UK) and SEO copywriting certification from The Recipe of SEO Success.
  • Plenty of experience in advertising (J. Walter Thompson, London), journalism (News International, London), and book publishing (Penguin Books, Hodder Headline, Pan Macmillan, London).
  • Two homes. I moved here 8 years ago with my family having sold up and shipped out of London to have an adventure with life. Although I do miss my London life, every day here offers me the promise of a new experience and that’s a great way to live.

Come find me on Facebook where I share random thoughts, marketing ideas and writerly wisdoms. Or, if you like things a bit more formal, connect with me on LinkedIn.

(This business thing’s about relationships. Don’t be shy!)

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